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Oral & Maxillofacial Care - Uttara,Dhaka

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Approximate Cost of our Treatments:

Treatment Name Apprx. Cost (BDT/-)
Consaltation fee500
Digital Ultrasonic Scaling1500
Filling (Tooth colour matching per tooth)3000
Teeth Whitening3000
Glass Ionomer filling1500
Zinc Oxide euginol filling600
Root Canal Filling (Advanced protapper system)3000-5000
Porcelin Crown per tooth5000-10,000
Normal Extraction (Milk tooth/ Permanent tooth)500-3000
Surgical extraction (Impacted tooth)5000-15,000
Minor oral surgery (with local anesthesia)5000-15,000
Major Maxillofacial Surgery (with general anesthesia)30,000-60,000
Teeth Implant (per Implant)45,000-60,000
Orthodontic Treatment70,000-90,000
Partial Denture (Removable per tooth)1500-3000
Complate Denture (Removable)30,000-40,000